How did it all begin (VELOCE)

by Mohammed Nabeel Mustafa on October 17, 2020

We grow up with toys that we always like to carry around and even sleep next to.  We even take our toys when we go shopping or travel.  As matter of fact, toys end up with us when we grow up and joins us in our adulthood. Does that mean we are what our toys are, is our toys a major part of our personality? Or do we even wear a t-shirt or two that reflect our passion for our childhood/adulthood toys.

This is how it all started with VELOCE, our car toys from our childhood and our passion for cars in our adulthood is reflected on a t-shirt, cap or a keychain.  Do you remember the GTR, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mustang, Camaro, Dodge or even Bat-Mobile that we had when we were kids and probably now the actual car! These will be t-shirts which you can show off and display at a family gathering or a car show or even when you travel outside the UAE to show everyone your passion for cars.

When Veloce was just an idea, we were thinking about showing what we like that doesn’t need a bank loan or a large down payment. It can be as simple as a Shirt with GTR tail lights, a piston in the middle of the t-shirt or a V8 engine graphic covering the back of the t-shirt. It’s a Childhood wish that comes to life!