The name "VELOCE"

by Mohammed Nabeel Mustafa on October 24, 2020

For the passion of super cars & sports cars, we forget that we need the name first to represent our passion. We took a step back and started the following:

  • In our mind, we started looking for a comfortable spot.
  • We then stepped out of the car and opened the hood or trunk 
  • We started looking inside an engine of Ferrari, our brand name can be found inside!
  • Connecting rod, connecting rod shaft, piston skirt, snap ring or piston crown. Can one of these ring a bell?
  • Let us dig deeper and looking around in a V8 engine and something might be hanging at the cam lobes, cam bearings, or timing chain. 
  • We even started questioning automobile brands and their choice for animal names for their cars:
    • Cobra
    • Beetle - Volkswagen
    • Jaguar 
    • Rabbit - Volkswagen
    • Viper – Dodge
    • Mustang – Ford
    • Charger – Dodge
    • Firebird – Pontiac
    • Godzilla  - Nissan GTR


After so many hours of thinking deeply and at least 3 round table meetings with 50 names, one powerful name stood up among all and it was Veloce.

Veloce translates to “fast” in Italian. Speed is the primary KPI for the engineering of a powerful car. It determines the direction a car can go in, and how far it can go in its journey. It is the competitive advantage that makes a contender cross the finish line as a winner. It is apt for us to use a name that figuratively represents this as our driving force too. Veloce is also our nod to Italian carmakers, who have given us some of automotive industry’s biggest icons that will be an inspiration to auto fans for centuries to come. We look up to them, and other pioneers like them, as our heroes.