The world of Veloce

by Mohammed Nabeel Mustafa on October 24, 2020
  • Our designs are created for car lovers by car lovers. We are inspired by a thriving community of drivers, collectors, curators and fans of high-performance cars.  Speed, engineering and curiosity are in our DNA – we are thrill-seekers, limit-testers, hypothesizers and adventurers. We rev, we race, and we roam.  We mark our respect to the history and heritage of the automotive creators in Italy, Germany, USA, Japan and others who have set the bar high for future carmaker generations.
  • We are proud to produce all our items in the UAE, with local suppliers and local creative talent. We want to put UAE quality and design on the global map.  Our procurement and production process staying local means that it is more sustainable, and also contributing to the local economy.  By anchoring our offering in the UAE, we want to be a bastion for style and design in the Middle East region.
  • The more creative it is, the more Veloce it is! We like to push the envelope in design and see objects and concepts from different vantage points – reimagining, rethinking, reinventing. Our design ethos is inspired by the impeccable engineering in high-performance cars – a whole world of parts and dynamics, unseen by the outside world, working in unison to create something spectacular. We want to unlock limitations on the physical manifestations of creativity, and always explore new items and product categories to help our customers express themselves.